My passion goes a long way back,
to the time when I was just a little kid
who liked to spend time building models
of boats. Living in the Viareggio area
could only feed and strengthen
this passion of mine. I was always naturally
attracted by the sea. It became a fascination.
I liked to go to the port to observe
the maneuvers of cargo ships and
I even secretly used to jump aboard those
which were already docked.
I used to do that with my elder brothers
and I remember that my mother didn't exactly
approve of our adventures, she was worried
for me fearing that we might
get ourselves in danger.
But those are memories which
I will cherish forever.

Francesco Guidetti

The Group designs, builds and sells custom vessels, fitted out to clients' demands and requirements and executed to highest quality standards: MAIORA - sporty vessels built in fiberglass from 20 to 50 meters, AB YACHTS - sporty vessels with waterjet propulsion from 58 to 166 feet, and CBI NAVI - displacement and semi-displacement vessels built in steel and/or aluminium from 24 to over 80 meters in length.

The Group is able to cater to any request: from elegant flybridge yacht or fast, technologically-advanced open yacht to displacement ships capable of long-distance cruising.

The Group creations are completely customized, designed and made to measure for each client. Each product is therefore unique. Each vessel which leaves the shipyard is a bit like a tailor-made suit, exclusively made to measure.

Like in any company which strives for excellence, there is a will and enthusiasm to constantly reinvent itself, to always keep pace with progress, while retaining a perfect equilibrium with exquisitely artisan craftsmanship.

Moreover, the company is certified UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 which is a special certification for production methods which preserve the environment. The objective of highest possible quality has also encouraged the Group to comply with the most important rules and recommendations imposed by RINA certification as a sign of attachment to maximum safety.